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What are Hip Replacement Options at Addis Ortho?


Hip replacement surgery is a major decision that requires careful consideration of the implant quality and durability. At Addis Ortho, we understand the importance of providing the best hip replacement options for our patients in Ethiopia and East Africa. That is why we offer a range of hip replacement options to cater to different patient needs and preferences in Addis Ababa. With two brands to choose from – Johnson & Johnson, and our own Addis Ortho brand – that give our patients the flexibility to choose the one that fits their needs and budget. Whether you prefer ceramic on ceramic, ceramic on plastic, metal on plastic bearing materials, or anterior, posterior, or lateral surgical approaches, we have the right solution for you. Addis Ortho is your one-stop shop for hip replacement surgery in Ethiopia.

Exploring the Brand Choices

  1. Johnson & Johnson:
    Johnson & Johnson is a trusted brand in the orthopedic field with a well-established name in the medical industry. It offers a range of reliable hip replacement implants. Their hip replacement implants are designed with cutting-edge technology and biomechanical expertise. Known for their innovation and quality, Johnson & Johnson implants are designed to enhance patients’ mobility and quality of life. These implants undergo rigorous testing and adhere to international standards, ensuring the safety and satisfaction of the patients.
  2. Addis Ortho:
    We take immense pride in unveiling our own ADDIS ORTHO branded hip replacements, crafted in collaboration with the esteemed Chunli Medical. With close to three decades of unparalleled expertise in the field since its establishment, Chunli brings a wealth of knowledge and innovation to this partnership. With more than a quarter of a million Chunli-made joints implanted every year, this partnership marks a new era in hip replacement in Ethiopia, blending Addis Ortho’s passion for quality with Chunli’s expertise in delivering state-of-the-art solutions. By offering our brand, Addis Ortho aims to provide patients with a cost-effective option without compromising on quality and durability.

Bearing Material Options

Hip replacement implants come with various bearing materials that affect their longevity and performance. Addis Ortho offers three primary bearing material options, each with its benefits:

  1. Ceramic on Ceramic (CoC): Ceramic bearings are known for their durability and low wear rate, making them an excellent choice for active individuals. They offer a smooth and consistent motion, reducing friction within the joint.
  2. Ceramic on Polyethylene(PE) (CoP): This combination provides the benefits of ceramic durability along with the shock-absorbing properties of polyethylene. This is a popular choice for many patients seeking a balance between longevity and flexibility.
  3. Metal on Polyethylene (MoP): Metal on PE bearings offer good stability and are a suitable option for patients with specific anatomical and physiological considerations. Addis Ortho provides metal on PE options at unbeatable competitive prices in Addis.

Fixation Options

Cemented, Uncemented, Hybrid, and Reverse Hybrid Options

In addition to the above choices, Addis Ortho provides a variety of fixation options for total hip replacement. These options include cemented, uncemented, hybrid (a combination of cemented femoral stem and uncemented acetabular cup components), and reverse hybrid (cemented acetabular cup and uncemented femoral stem) configurations. These diverse fixation methods cater to different patient characteristics and preferences, ensuring a personalized and optimal solution for every individual.

Surgical Approach Options

At Addis Ortho, we also recognize that our patients have varying requirements when it comes to surgical approaches. We offer three main options:

  1. Muscle-Sparing Direct Anterior Approach: This approach involves accessing the hip joint from the front, minimizing disruption to surrounding muscles and tissues. Patients who opt for this approach often experience a quicker recovery and reduced pain post-surgery.
  2. Traditional Lateral Approach: The conventional lateral approach involves accessing the hip joint from the side. While it may involve slightly more tissue disruption, it remains a tried-and-true method that surgeons are well-acquainted with.
  3. Posterior Approach: Posterior approach involves accessing the hip joint from the back side. We offer this widely recognized posterior approach in selected cases, ensuring that each patient’s unique needs and preferences are met with the utmost precision and care.


Addis Ortho’s commitment to providing a wide range of hip replacement options, along with bearing material choices and fixation options, reflects our dedication to personalized patient care. Whether you’re seeking the reliability of established brands like Johnson & Johnson or considering the cost-effective option of Addis Ortho’s brand, there is a solution to fit every patient’s needs. With ceramic on ceramic, ceramic on PE and metal on PE bearing options, patients can choose an implant that aligns with their activity level and lifestyle. Moreover, the availability of muscle-sparing direct anterior, traditional lateral, and posterior approach options showcase Addis Ortho’s comprehensive options for hip replacement, ensuring patients receive the best possible outcome for their unique circumstances.

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