About Addis Ortho

Addis Ortho is a brand poised to revolutionize the orthopaedic service in Ethiopia by providing high-quality orthopaedic supplies and services. Founded by Dr. Samuel Hailu, Addis Ortho is a pioneering institution established to revolutionize joint replacement services in Ethiopia. Dr. Samuel, the nation’s first fellowship-trained joint replacement surgeon, recognized significant gaps in orthopedic care during his tenure in providing hip and knee joint replacement services in Ethiopia.

We are committed to offering end-to-end services to patients across Ethiopia and East Africa. The company’s current focus is on hip & knee joint replacement, and orthopaedic trauma products and services.

Our focus on excellence and customer satisfaction sets us apart in the market, and we remain committed to improving our services continually.

Founder’s Vision and Experience

Dr. Samuel Hailu dedicated five years to delivering exceptional hip joint replacement services, operating both within the Black Lion public hospital and in private healthcare settings. While he excelled in hip joint replacements in both sectors, the provision of knee replacement services was exclusive to the private healthcare domain.

However, in 2021, Dr. Hailu identified a fundamental issue – the model he had established was not sustainable, and it did not adequately meet the excisting demand for joint replacement services in the region.

The Birth of Addis Ortho

Driven by his commitment to improving orthopedic care, Dr. Samuel founded Addis Ortho to address the deficiencies in joint replacement services in Ethiopia. This innovative institution encompasses two critical components:

  1. Trading Component: Addis Ortho addresses the scarcity of joint replacement supplies in the nation. By facilitating the distribution and availability of essential supplies, the institution ensures smoother accessibility for orthopedic procedures.
  2. Service Component: Dr. Samuel’s vision for Addis Ortho extends beyond individual practice. Through a collaborative approach with colleagues and trainees, the institution aims to expand joint replacement services to a more extensive community. This service component strives to deliver these essential orthopedic procedures at affordable costs, ensuring a broader reach and accessibility.

Mission and Impact

Addis Ortho’s primary mission is…

bringing quality hip & knee joint replacement within reach of ALL ETHIOPIANS.

By merging the trading and service components, the institution seeks to:

  • Bridge the supply-demand gap for joint replacement materials and implants.
  • Collaborate with fellow healthcare professionals and trainees to expand joint replacement services to cater to a wider population.
  • Ensure affordable and accessible orthopedic care to meet the escalating demand in the region.

Vision and Value


Addis ortho

aspires to become premier provider of orthopaedic services and supplies, renowned for excellence in patient



At Addis Ortho, we are dedicated to:

  • Excellence: Commitment to delivering the highest standards of patient care and services.
  • Education: Empowering the community through education, knowledge sharing, and skill development.
  • Innovation: Pioneering new approaches in orthopedic care and techniques.
  • Collaboration: Working hand-in-hand with colleagues and trainees to expand services.
  • Accessibility: Ensuring that orthopedic care is affordable and accessible to all.

Addis Ortho stands as a beacon of transformative change in the orthopedic landscape of Ethiopia, driven by Dr. Samuel Hailu’s expertise, commitment to excellence, and vision for sustainable and inclusive orthopedic healthcare services.

With a focus on innovation, collaboration, and accessibility, Addis Ortho is dedicated to reshaping the future of joint replacement services in Ethiopia, ensuring that high-quality orthopedic care reaches those who need it the most.

At Addis Ortho, we stand committed to being…

your trusted orthopaedic PARTNER

…providing quality, accessible, and innovative joint replacement solutions for a healthier, pain-free future.