Total Hip Replacement

We specialize in and pioneer the minimally invasive muscle-sparing anterior total hip replacement approach technique in Ethiopia.

Total Knee Replacement

We provide total knee replacement using the world-class American brand knee replacement prosthesis for our knee replacements.

Partial Hip Replacement

We conduct Partial replacement/ hemiarthroplasty with an anterior approach technique using the American brand modular bipolar prosthesis.

Avascular Necrosis (AVN)

We provide outpatient hip preservation surgery for stages 1 & 2 Awith stem cell infiltration and anterior approach total hip replacement for advanced stages 3 – 5 AVN.

Pelvic Fracture

We provide a minimally invasive technique for the fixation of pelvic fractures to minimize bleeding. This enables us to perform life-saving interventions quickly.

Acetabulum Fractures

As Ethiopia’s first fellowship-trained pelvic & acetabulum surgeon, Dr. Samuel has pioneered advanced surgical fixation of these complex injuries domestically.

Femur Neck Fracture

We provide specialized treatment for fractured neck of femur, including percutaneous and minimal invasive fixations as well as muscle-preserving hip replacements.

Hip Fracture

We provide hip fracture treatment, including percutaneous and minimal invasive fixations using cephalomedullary nails, dynamic hip screws, angle blade plates as deemed appropriate.

Multiple Complex Trauma

We provide treatment for multiple fractures in one patient, like pelvis, articular, long bone, calcaneus, and other fractures using minimally invasive techniques.